Please bear in mind that these policies are applicable to all of my personal classes and promotions. If an event is sponsored or hosted by another group or organization, these policies may not apply, and are at the discretion of the host/sponsor. The services I currently offer are listed below:

Open Group Classes: Pre-registration is not required, walk-ins are welcome, partners are not required. 

Class Cards: Students may purchase a class card for $40, which will grant them access to any four one hour classes that I offer. Class cards expire two months after their purchase date, and students may attend their four classes at any time or location which is most convenient. (Class cards need not be used in four consecutive weeks, as long as they are used within the two month period after purchase)

Progressive Workshops: Registration is required.  For intermediate or advanced levels, partners are also required.

Zabor Private Lesson Packages (3 or more pre-scheduled private lessons):


1.        All packages must be paid in full by the first meeting of the lesson plan. Checks must be made to “Zabor Dance LLC”

2.        The customer is entitled to select the lesson plan/topic he or she is interested in studying 

3.        Packages are promotional discounts, so if for any reason the student needs to cancel a multiple lesson plan; student acknowledges that there will be no prorating or reimbursement for their purchase. 

4.        Customers are entitled to transfer their classes to someone else, in the event they are not able to fulfill the package. (if so, it must be stipulated via email)

5.        All package must be fully redeemed within 5 months of the purchase date.

6.        Students must clearly stipulate the dates and times of each of their lessons.

7.        Students are entitled to re-schedule classes if need be, with the understanding that they must do so in writing with no less than 24 hours notice. If the student does not show up for a pre-scheduled class, or fails to contact the instructor and give written notice within the 24 hour period, the class will be counted as taken.  (All notices should be send to “”)

8.        While private lessons may be video taped, class material may not be publically posted without my explicit consent.

Choreography Packages: The group or organization must pre-establish the number of hours they wish to purchase for choreography, with the understanding that as a choreographer, I will commit to giving them material, but practice time will be seperate and the group's responsibility. I will expect the group to credit myself, as the choreographer, in any show or exhibition. Pricing will be dependant on the number of hours and amount of travelling required for me to meet with the group.

Lecture Demonstrations: Organizations must provide specific details about the lecture material and types of dances they wish to be covered. My lectures usually span between 45-60 minutes, and do not include interactive instruction. 

Shows/Presentations: Those interested in showcasing our materia for independent events must provide specific details including the time and location of the event as well as confirm via email, before we can commit to participating. 

Waivers: Please understand that the nature of many of these activites have the potential to cause personal injury. As an independent instructor, I cannot be liable for any such injuries; therefore I ask that all my students sign a waiver before participating in any of my classes. 

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Defintions:

I often find that students enter my classes with expectations about the level of difficulty that either exceed or fall short of what they were looking for.  To avoid this problem, I am including my definitions of what constitutes a beginner, intermediate, and advanced dancer.

Beginner: Dancers with minimal to no experience with basic patterns within that style of dance. Some may have a good foundation musicality, physicality, or connection, but not in more than one area. At this level, participants are not expected to be technically proficient in the style of dance. Partners of generally not required, and students may use socks or jazz shoes (ie heels/ballroom shoes are not necessary).

Intermediate: Paricipants must be aware that at this level, an understanding of personal technique is required. Patterns will often explore pivots or extensions, therefore a good sense of balance is needed to succeed. We will often play with musical interpretation, and although the work with musicality is usually not too challenging, an understanding it often neccessary. At this level, proper dance attire is suggested (heels for ladies, and dance shoes for gentlement), and partners are highly encouraged, but not always required. 

Advanced: Generally particiapants can expect that most movements will require good balance, control, and often, stamina. We will often play with the idea of counterbalancing, therefore parnters are strongly recommended. Students should have a thorough understanding of musicality, as much of our material will include syncopations and hesitations. Proper dancewear is expected.