In an effort to develop educational community outreach programs, I developed two dance groups to showcase the cultural and philosophical aspects of partner dance.

The first, Etnia, was formed in 2003 as an amateur performance group. Intended to showcase the traditional forms of popular social dances, Etnia’s name comes from the Spanish word meaning ‘ethnic’.

The second, the Zabor Dance Project, was developed in 2007, as a result of my personal artistic evolution, and means to experiment with more contemporary forms of interactive movement.

The Etnia group is open to anyone who is willing to commit to the training process and schedules performances. All levels and degrees of proficiency are accepted into the group, but auditions are still required in order to allow me create the best partnering possible. Auditions are offered regularly throughout the year; if you are interested, please email me.


The Zabor Dance Project is on temporary hiatus; however, I am looking to reestablish the group in Charlottesville, Va. This group requires participants to have a background in dance, and, unlike Etnia, is not open to everyone. Individuals must audition and will be placed according to their performance at their audition. Contact me for more information!