Classes offered:

Group Lessons 

Group lessons are usually pre-scheduled classes that are at least 30 minutes, but regularly 1 hour in length and are open to everyone. The cost of the lessons will vary depending on the length of the class. Depending upon the level, partners are recommended but not required. Having a partner is not a necessity unless training in the higher levels.

I also offer private group lessons, in which the group chooses the topic and level of instruction. If you would like more information, please contact me at

Private Lessons 

Private lessons are suggested for students who are looking for a more in depth study of a particular dance or have conflicting schedules with the times of the group classes.  They are designed to work at the student’s level.  They are normally open to one or two students, where the individual/couple chooses the topic of the class. Participants are welcome to video tape the lesson, for personal use, however it is understood that these videos should not be publicaly posted without explicit consent. For those students who are planning on taking several private sessions, I generally offer special packages. If you are interested in setting up a private lesson, please contact me at



Workshops are a pre-scheduled set of lessons that usually give in depth instruction on one specific topic. The lessons are designed to be progressive, meaning that what you learn in the first lesson will be essential to what you learn in the second lesson, and so on and so forth. For this reason, it is recommended that the participants commit to the full workshop. The classes in the workshops are usually one hour in length and are normally held once a week. Pre-registration only to attend a Workshop.

Lecture Demonstrations 

Lecture demonstrations are primarily designed as non-interactive classes. Participants are not necessarily interested in learning how to dance, but rather about the dance itself.  These classes focus on key aspects of dance that are not necessarily covered in traditional dance classes such as musicality, historical background, philosophy, and more. They usually include a demonstration of the chosen topic. Generally, these types of classes are conducted for educational establishments, such as high schools, colleges, and universities.  They are usually 45 minutes long, including the demonstration. 

Often, the schools like to include an interactive session along with the lecture demonstration, so students can get a sense of the physical aspect of the dance.  In this case, the pricing is adjusted according to the activities provided.

Choreography Packages:

This service is usually offered to establish groups, or advance students who are looking to develop specific choreographies for shows or competitions. If you have a pre-selected song, please provide it when you contact me about the choreography, along with the level of choreography you are interested in performing at (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  The minimum number hours generally required for choreography package purchases is five hours, however this may vary depending on the skill level of participants. 

For more specific pricing and details, please contact me at with the details of the package you are looking for.